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After participating in a few group shows, I was given the opportunity for my first feature for the Line Attack! exhibit in 2023 showcasing line-work as a highlight. My sigil work and style was a perfect fit to show what I could really do. It challenged me to incorporate years of work into something new. I also attempted my first portrait (Part of a Bowie tribute that has been in two shows) and I am quite happy at how it turned out.

As an Esoteric Artist, I also incorporated lots of sacred geometry and physical ritual in the form of zodiac oracle cards.

It was a truly surreal experience for me and set the bar high going forward and I am beyond grateful for the series of events, people, and places that allowed it all to come to fruition.


This piece was the first experiment with drawing complex fractals. The original drawing was multiplied and layered in digital line format, printed, and then drawn again using the original as a blueprint.

I went on to turn it into digital art and then hybridize it with my "SACRED BUFFALO" originally painted on my "ART SQUARED" piece. The heavy load that the earth-ruled buffalo carries needs restoration more than most to come into homeostasis, so this was fitting.

Like most my work, it is an amalgamation of different revisions. mediums, and styles.


Much like the title, this piece was the start of a new chapter of not only my life (after heavy personal loss), but of my creative expression.

It was the largest piece I had worked on at the time (30"x 48", 2020-2021), and the most colorful. I also started really working with relief textures by using different clays and nature elements.

I was given lots of creative freedom, and channeled the piece for dear friends that helped me through in more ways than one. Upon the delivery of the piece, it had turned out that I had tuned into a mystical experience one of them had had in the mountains.

A Spiritually healing work for everyone involved.


After loving how much the "SACRED BUFFALO" turned out, I decided to do a series of sacred animal spirits. This will take some time as with most of my series', but each piece will manifest when they are ready.

This honey bee was a playful and apropos work for one of The Hive Gallery's non-themed group exhibits. I considered it a little tribute to the gallery that has been a home away from home for me to showcase my work and meet some other very inspiring artists.

I have spent decades working on my craft, but was not used to having my work seen and acknowledged- so I had a bit of imposter syndrome starting out, and after over a year, I can say this gallery has cured me of that and also challenged me to keep growing socially and creatively.

I used my normal back and forth of digital and fine art techniques : Graphite, Adobe Illustrator, Acrylic Paint, and Photoshop (for prints).


What would evolve into the "BLOSSOM QUEEN" digital painting and prints... began as "THE QUEEN OF WANDS" for the Tarot exhibit of 2023 @ The Hive.

Mixed-media was acrylic, ink, gold leaf (imitation), clay, and gemstones. It was my second group show piece in a gallery, and first piece to show with the bees and The Hive.

The Tarot show was an obvious favorite for my work, but also would go on to become very special, with a feature (Part of the Major Arcana Group) in 2024, and an upcoming main feature for January of 2025- the biggest opportunity I have had thus far. And since it is such an honor, I have tons of work to do, and have had to cut back on the gallery shows of this year to prepare (5 instead of 12). I'm a busy bee indeed!