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"ALCHEMIST" Sigil Intro Bundle [4] (Mobile Wallpaper 16/9)

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This "sigil art" bundle contains 4 available wallpapers, and as with each design created, there is a unique combination of original fine and digital art that you will not see anywhere else! Feel free to edit to fit your needs, such as altering the brightness for app backdrops, use as a base and apply filters, etc.

Includes art from:

  • "Know Thyself" (1)
  • "Art Squared" (2)
  • "Restoration Frequency" (1)


  • -high resolution
  • -16/9 ratio
  • -1080 by 1920 pixels

Once downloaded, they are mendable to your will. I ask only that you keep in mind that these are for personal use only without permission in writing and contracted.

There is also a "choose your price" option available should you wish to further support my work, or simply share any way you like (via link, word-of-mouth, or speak sweet nothings into the void): Any and all are appreciated!

*On rare occasion, pixel size may vary. There is also slight warping on the mock-up listing photos, but not on actual files- see all listing pictures for actual proportion view.

You will get the following files:
  • JPG (593KB)
  • JPG (1MB)
  • JPG (1MB)
  • JPG (1MB)